Thursday, September 11, 2014

No, I didn't take two years off from eating....

I just, selfishly, have been only posting on the Plus.

So I'll just throw some things on here that have passed my gullet...or not.

No, I did not eat the #LonelyBanana

Did not get pics of the final Honey Lime Bacon Chicken w/ Broccoli

Foo Baw.   Foobaw.  #HTTR

Turns out my Lechon is better than any Cuban Restaurants' around here (DMV).

Half Smoke w/ Chic-fil-a Chop & Cheddar

No Egg Brownies, Jim Beam & Coke = FFL Draft

Beautiful Wife's Beautiful Sauce!

A challange has bee peuosted! (Clouseau accent)

Eat Hearlfy

These looked better than they went.  6+hours @ 250-300 on the grill
didn't finish 'em.  Had to flame high for a while.
The overnight marinate of the rub killed any nastys, though.

I don't know what this is.  Sure was good, though.

4th of July.  Glad the food was good.  'Cause Columbia didn't do
Fireworks 'till after the kids had to sleep!

Umm..... NO!

One of these is the size of my thumb!

After Father's Day, grilling would be better.

#UBBQ!  Best I've had around here.

During the storm which flooded all roads home,
the boy & I stopped for Pizza Hut

I did not eat my Birthday Cake.

I also did not eat from the impulse isle @ Giant.

Christmas Morning, 2013!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someday my Posts will come...

So how delinquent could I possibly be? (rhetorical.)

I believe the last post was supposed to be about Guacamole Pizza Roles.  Which are exactly what they sound like.  Still, good stuff worth reviewing.  I'm sure the brands/methods make a difference.  So.. as the title suggests, someday I'll be posting that up.  I should do a full brand comparison .. just for s&g's.

I've had quite a few noteworthy food experiences since that you'll probably never know about - - nyaaaaah!  So there.  Take it.

Alright, I guess I'll lighten up a little and tell you that I'm down in Miamuh, tha 305, and the first thing we did getting off the plane was hit up Tammy Bakery on Miller &  90 Somethingth.  (9443 SW 56th St, Miami, FL 33165).  We got a pretty standard, for us, assortment of Pastelitos y Bocaditos de Pasta.

That's 6 de carne, tres de queso y el otro tres de guava y queso.  We also grabbed 5 croquetas de jamon.  Those are probably better from Karla Bakery, but we were there. . .and they were there..  And we haven't been to Miami in over a year - - so... they were perfect!

We had sandwiches from Rinconcito Latino on Bird Road and 104th tonight.  It was disappointing, unfortunately.  I'm not sure why the local fam are so enamored of it.  I couldn't finish my Pan con Lechon.  The mojo de naranja agria seemed to be orange juice and lemon juice, though the Mariquitas were pretty light for the most part.  The wife was not happy with her Bistek or her Media Noche.

Not our turkey, but this is what it's gonna look like, kinda
Oh well - I'm sure the insane Burberry Bacon Turkey will be worth writing about.  I'll definitely be posting about tomorrow's activities.  Not the least of which is the much anticipated meetup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins,  I'll be sure to list a mini review of that mess, as well.

So here's hoping your Thanksgiving festivities are just that.  And may they be delicious and fortifying as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  and God Bless You!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July, All Over This Land

Happy 4th of July, Everybody!

My company sprung for Ice Cream on Tuesday and provided all sorts of Sundae toppings so we could create star spangled sweetums, if'n we chose.  Which I did.  I ate it while I searched U Tuba for Sousa marches.  Stars & Stripes, anyone?  Go VIKINGS.. wait Vikings?!  When did we get VIKINGS?!!  I thought we fought to get away from Vikings...and kingdoms.. and such.  

We ended up listening to Chet Atkins version, which was mesmerizing

Now it's Wednesday, July 4th and after feeding the kiddos, it's time for breakfast.  Wot'll it be?  How about celebrating multiple American cultures of the American Carribbean & Queens, NY with a Puerto Rican Jew?  Not PC enough for ya?  or have absolutely no idea what I'm making up right now?  Maybe I can make it more.. erhm... palatable by calling it The Epstein.  And now upon searching for the picture of Robert Hegyes I discover he passed away this January.  RIP & thanks for all the laughs.  Definitely thought Epstein was a million times cooler than Babarino... he was no Washington, but hey, who was.  Mrs. Kotter still ruled, tho.

But I digress...  The Epstein:  Plain Bagel w/ Cream Cheese, Deli Mustard & ....wait for it..... CHORIZO!  Awesmoe

Use the bready bits of the Bagel to sop up the extra Chorizo oil.  With a strong coffee it is a particularly American start to the day.

Here's to Freedom!  Happy 4th of July, Everybody.  Be safe & see you on Thursday.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sandwich Trending

My stalwart Brother-in-law had a good reaction to my recent Lasagna Sandwich post.  And by good I mean appetizing.  He is always looking for something new and delicious.  We've had many great meals together made even better by the fantastic company.  His French Toast Casserole makes Sunday mornings special!

I guess the Lasagna Sandwich inspired him to forward me THIS gem:

What is this tower of boldness before us?  It contains Cappacola ham, muenster cheese, fries, fried egg, coleslaw and tomatoes on thick slices of Italian bread.  In my last post I talked about putting the egg on the Thurman Burger.  The first place I ran into that was at the old Billabong Pub in Pembroke Park.  I dont' think they're around any more.  After the ShuttleLOUNGE abdicated their roost, I dont' think it had the same kind of draw.  Maybe that's a good thing for the community, though probably not really.  The massage parlour two doors down didn't help much.  Anyway - runny egg on a sandwich; good move.

My Brother-in-law said he used just regular frozen fries and some nice looking tomatoes.  ShuttleEATZ is all about simple solutions that taste great.

So this amazing sandwich comes to us from Primanti Bros. out of Pittsburgh, PA.  There are a few locations in Florida, as well.  It looks like they do all their sandwiches with the Fries/Cheese & Tomato setup.  They all look great.  They're using Provolone, but that's a lot like Muenster.  The Egg is optional, but they menu list it.  Definitely a place we will have to try.  We've been getting more and more great food from Pennsylvania.  I'll have some posts on that later.

I don't want to become just a sandwich blog, but there certainly is a good amount of material out there to contemplate.  Dagwood's in Rochester, NY probably had my favorite sandwiches to date.  I don't think it's there anymore. For fast food, a Jimmy Johns is far from your worst choice - and obligatorily fast.

There will be more coming from him, so stay tuned for more great ideas from my Brother-in-law.

Zum Essen!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Extreme Eating

I don't do a lot of this.  In fact, I never do this.  I tried.  Once.

Columbus Ohio.  The Thurman Burger @ the Thurman Cafe

I was on the US Tour w/ Blowfly.  And we had a meal to grab before heading to whatever seedy and under-attended venue we were scheduled to haunt.

I couldn't finish even half of it.  Tom Bowker probably could have but then forget him working the load in.... right. Like that ever happened.  I think I called him a goldbricker, or more correctly:  referred to his "gold bricking ass".  Never saw him climb stairs w/ a trap kit faster than that.. or ever.. again.  There's a great movie about the group's antics in Europe.  I don't think they covered the fist fight at the end of it.  A shame.  Anyway, there's a classic scene at the end of the documentary where you see Tom & Clarence (Blowfly) futilely strategizing how to break back into the active charts.  Beautiful!

Back to the burger.  Their menu lists it as "overloaded with ham, mozzarella, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, sauteed onions, pickle, peppers, and mayo with chips and a pickle spear."  You can kinda see in the picture I had an egg on mine, too.  Just Nuts.  It was good, though.  The burger had a lot of flavor for one that size and the toppings are all high quality and seasoned.  I would have preferred real cheese, but I guess the Philly style cheese sauce is pretty common and acceptable these days.  Sure is runny though.

So right after I did my first posts, Ca$$ius (that's Ca$$ius Casio KRS lejuan Love Sebastian Bacherach de la Fenderr Rrhodes to the ShuttleLOUNGEr's out there), brought up the folks over at Epic Meal Time.  These guys make extreme food you can't really conceive of until they do it.  It's grotesque.  And amazing.  A little bit gay.  Maybe a lot gay.  I don't know.  It's probably better when you're stoned.  Their Boss Bacon Burger and Breakfast of Booze episodes are classic, though.  Give those two a watch, go yak & then take a nap.

-Zum Essen!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Words: Lasagna Sandwich!

For some, the title dish will sound like a nightmarish cardiac arrest about to happen.  Oh, who am I kidding - for EVERYONE this sounds like a defibrillator should be sitting next to your table.

But my gosh this was delicious!

 I had leftovers from D'Atri's Restaurant in LaVale Maryland, over in Allegheny County.  I ate my Meatball Manicotti on Tuesday.  That was great.  But Wednesday I didn't really feel like warm Italian again.  And I had those two slices of their homemade bread; big, thick, crusty, fresh slices that almost smacked of sourdough.  So what were my options, really?

I committed to the thought process and decided:  Lasagna Sandwich it is!  Turns out this isn't the most original idea in the world.  And, of COURSE Paula Dean would have tackled this already.   But it was a burst of genious in my little world and the payoff was incredible.

You would think the combined starches of the bread and the pasta would leave you with dry mouth inducing overkill.  But the character of the homemade bread and by leaving the lasagna cold, you end up with enough flavor and textural contrast that the gluttony is justified.

I don't know if it needed the mayonnaise, but it sure didn't hurt.  Again, I recommend this with cold ingredients only.  If you heat it up, you may as well be eating a Calzone or something.

I hope you get to try this yourself.  Let me know how it goes.

- Zum Essen!

...or should I say "da mangiare"!