Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Someday my Posts will come...

So how delinquent could I possibly be? (rhetorical.)

I believe the last post was supposed to be about Guacamole Pizza Roles.  Which are exactly what they sound like.  Still, good stuff worth reviewing.  I'm sure the brands/methods make a difference.  So.. as the title suggests, someday I'll be posting that up.  I should do a full brand comparison .. just for s&g's.

I've had quite a few noteworthy food experiences since that you'll probably never know about - - nyaaaaah!  So there.  Take it.

Alright, I guess I'll lighten up a little and tell you that I'm down in Miamuh, tha 305, and the first thing we did getting off the plane was hit up Tammy Bakery on Miller &  90 Somethingth.  (9443 SW 56th St, Miami, FL 33165).  We got a pretty standard, for us, assortment of Pastelitos y Bocaditos de Pasta.

That's 6 de carne, tres de queso y el otro tres de guava y queso.  We also grabbed 5 croquetas de jamon.  Those are probably better from Karla Bakery, but we were there. . .and they were there..  And we haven't been to Miami in over a year - - so... they were perfect!

We had sandwiches from Rinconcito Latino on Bird Road and 104th tonight.  It was disappointing, unfortunately.  I'm not sure why the local fam are so enamored of it.  I couldn't finish my Pan con Lechon.  The mojo de naranja agria seemed to be orange juice and lemon juice, though the Mariquitas were pretty light for the most part.  The wife was not happy with her Bistek or her Media Noche.

Not our turkey, but this is what it's gonna look like, kinda
Oh well - I'm sure the insane Burberry Bacon Turkey will be worth writing about.  I'll definitely be posting about tomorrow's activities.  Not the least of which is the much anticipated meetup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins,  I'll be sure to list a mini review of that mess, as well.

So here's hoping your Thanksgiving festivities are just that.  And may they be delicious and fortifying as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.  and God Bless You!

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