Thursday, September 11, 2014

No, I didn't take two years off from eating....

I just, selfishly, have been only posting on the Plus.

So I'll just throw some things on here that have passed my gullet...or not.

No, I did not eat the #LonelyBanana

Did not get pics of the final Honey Lime Bacon Chicken w/ Broccoli

Foo Baw.   Foobaw.  #HTTR

Turns out my Lechon is better than any Cuban Restaurants' around here (DMV).

Half Smoke w/ Chic-fil-a Chop & Cheddar

No Egg Brownies, Jim Beam & Coke = FFL Draft

Beautiful Wife's Beautiful Sauce!

A challange has bee peuosted! (Clouseau accent)

Eat Hearlfy

These looked better than they went.  6+hours @ 250-300 on the grill
didn't finish 'em.  Had to flame high for a while.
The overnight marinate of the rub killed any nastys, though.

I don't know what this is.  Sure was good, though.

4th of July.  Glad the food was good.  'Cause Columbia didn't do
Fireworks 'till after the kids had to sleep!

Umm..... NO!

One of these is the size of my thumb!

After Father's Day, grilling would be better.

#UBBQ!  Best I've had around here.

During the storm which flooded all roads home,
the boy & I stopped for Pizza Hut

I did not eat my Birthday Cake.

I also did not eat from the impulse isle @ Giant.

Christmas Morning, 2013!

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