Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Plain Good Eatz

I've always had a good time eating.  These posts will be some of the things that have piqued my palate.  Hopefully they'll appeal to some other folks, too.

While plenty of stuff I eat is mass-appealing [Big Mac - holler@yaboi],  I do have my eccentricities that appear from time to time, Banana with Mustard (that I ate in the 70's) on it is a favorite referral point here.  I admit that I was eating that mainly for effect (cue girl shrieks here!).  Though, to my defense, it seems the flavor profile is not without precedent, albeit a limited profile, I'm sure

So I hope to share some unique experiences with you, or at least some enjoyable ones.  Everyone is invited to comment with their's too.  Or if there's a specific post you've liked somewhere, let me know & I'll re-blog.

Happy Eating, everyone!

aka:  The AMAZING Dik Shuttle

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