Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Words: Lasagna Sandwich!

For some, the title dish will sound like a nightmarish cardiac arrest about to happen.  Oh, who am I kidding - for EVERYONE this sounds like a defibrillator should be sitting next to your table.

But my gosh this was delicious!

 I had leftovers from D'Atri's Restaurant in LaVale Maryland, over in Allegheny County.  I ate my Meatball Manicotti on Tuesday.  That was great.  But Wednesday I didn't really feel like warm Italian again.  And I had those two slices of their homemade bread; big, thick, crusty, fresh slices that almost smacked of sourdough.  So what were my options, really?

I committed to the thought process and decided:  Lasagna Sandwich it is!  Turns out this isn't the most original idea in the world.  And, of COURSE Paula Dean would have tackled this already.   But it was a burst of genious in my little world and the payoff was incredible.

You would think the combined starches of the bread and the pasta would leave you with dry mouth inducing overkill.  But the character of the homemade bread and by leaving the lasagna cold, you end up with enough flavor and textural contrast that the gluttony is justified.

I don't know if it needed the mayonnaise, but it sure didn't hurt.  Again, I recommend this with cold ingredients only.  If you heat it up, you may as well be eating a Calzone or something.

I hope you get to try this yourself.  Let me know how it goes.

- Zum Essen!

...or should I say "da mangiare"!

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