Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sandwich Trending

My stalwart Brother-in-law had a good reaction to my recent Lasagna Sandwich post.  And by good I mean appetizing.  He is always looking for something new and delicious.  We've had many great meals together made even better by the fantastic company.  His French Toast Casserole makes Sunday mornings special!

I guess the Lasagna Sandwich inspired him to forward me THIS gem:

What is this tower of boldness before us?  It contains Cappacola ham, muenster cheese, fries, fried egg, coleslaw and tomatoes on thick slices of Italian bread.  In my last post I talked about putting the egg on the Thurman Burger.  The first place I ran into that was at the old Billabong Pub in Pembroke Park.  I dont' think they're around any more.  After the ShuttleLOUNGE abdicated their roost, I dont' think it had the same kind of draw.  Maybe that's a good thing for the community, though probably not really.  The massage parlour two doors down didn't help much.  Anyway - runny egg on a sandwich; good move.

My Brother-in-law said he used just regular frozen fries and some nice looking tomatoes.  ShuttleEATZ is all about simple solutions that taste great.

So this amazing sandwich comes to us from Primanti Bros. out of Pittsburgh, PA.  There are a few locations in Florida, as well.  It looks like they do all their sandwiches with the Fries/Cheese & Tomato setup.  They all look great.  They're using Provolone, but that's a lot like Muenster.  The Egg is optional, but they menu list it.  Definitely a place we will have to try.  We've been getting more and more great food from Pennsylvania.  I'll have some posts on that later.

I don't want to become just a sandwich blog, but there certainly is a good amount of material out there to contemplate.  Dagwood's in Rochester, NY probably had my favorite sandwiches to date.  I don't think it's there anymore. For fast food, a Jimmy Johns is far from your worst choice - and obligatorily fast.

There will be more coming from him, so stay tuned for more great ideas from my Brother-in-law.

Zum Essen!

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